Producer Mark Batson and I are working hard on making my next release especially personal, and sonically enthralling.

2020 will see Peter Jeff, and I back on the road for a mini tour in The EU, The UK, and of course, back home, in LA, ATL, Austin, ending up in our old stomping ground, in New York City.

My Music

This music is me. If you listen closely to the lyrics, the turn of a melodic phrase, you will know pretty much all there is to know about me. I may play around in person, a lot actually. But when it comes to the art, I allow SHE to show herself, warts, bags, secrets, and all.

These projects are the most honest representation of what makes me tick, and or ticked off, where ever tick tick boom is called for.

“Mack Diva Saves The World”
“Gemini: Both Sides”
“Oya’s Daughter”

The Family Stand

Peter Lord, V. Jeffrey Smith and I…

Work for other artists, and soundtracks