Strategic Soul Ventures

Daughters of Soul: A Synergy of Soul and Spirit

Sometime you feel inspired. You think you have a great idea, chew on it for a moment and then start making it happen. Among my favorite endeavors are Daughters Of Soul and SSV Presents: A Concert For Bill Withers.

Daughters Of Soul is a celebration of soul. A special two hour collaborative concert of fire, passion and unapologetic sexy soul. The daughters have ignited fires all over Europe. In the UK, Spain, Holland, Italy, Finland, and France, they have blazed along like the mother of all brush fires, leaving no heartstone unturned. 

The Daughters of Soul honor their unforgettable parents, soul icons Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, Chaka Khan, and soul pioneers George and Gwen McCrae in their own special way. Daughters Lalah Hathaway, Lisa Simone and Indira Khan or Leah McCrae, side by side with spiritual daughters Joyce “Babyface” Kennedy of Mother’s Finest, Nona Hendryx of LaBelle, Caron Wheeler of Soul II Soul, & Sandra St. Victor of The Family Stand, make this amazing line up ‘Daughters of Soul’ a thrilling, dynamic experience.

These women are bonded by a similar soul, but all are amazing artists in their own right, each with an individual voice and performance. This unbelievable set harmoniously meshes classic gems with new standards of today’s soul music. The daughters themselves are powerful & inspiring, seamlessly flowing on and off stage for solo’s as well as outstanding ensembles!

Sandra St. Victor Presents: A Concert For Bill Withers

Bill Withers is one of the preeminent songwriters/artists of our generation. Actually of a few generations. The man is a storyteller of the highest order. Able to break through the muck and more of daily human interaction with a fine toothed pen, and serve it up to the masses as a well seasoned warm familiar meal.

I wish I could describe his genius better. 

I had the pleasure of meeting and vibing with him during a concert in NY for him, and to be interviewed for the subsequent documentary of his life and work, Still Bill. I starred on the cutting room floor, btw.

Artists worldwide have learned from and been inspired by his work. In that spirit, I organized and presented a two and a half hour concert in Amsterdam, A Concert For Bill Withers, at The Carré Theatre.

I invited all of The Netherlands’ top artists to sing Bill’s songs, with a full band and 12 piece string section, to Bill. He was flown over, 1st class, to sit in the front row and enjoy the musical worship of his own hands and voice. In tow with him, was his very talented daughter, Kori Withers, who agreed to participate by singing to her Dad. It was brilliant. The concert was a raging sold out success.

I’d like to do this for other legends of ours. Al Green, Ashford and Simpson, Quincy Jones, etc.

We, too often, wait until ours are gone to pay them the homage they deserve, and have earned, a thousand times over. 

I want to change that.

This is what Strategic Soul Ventures is all about.