Chapters: A Novel – By Evon Geffries And The Stand

Our first album was that now dreaded phrase “a concept album” which traced through the course of the recording the phases of a personal romantic relationship. From the song Simply Love to Why Does It Hurt When We Kiss, Stand and Deliver to Sex without Love (the album’s first single whose recording company’s marketing and promotion item was a condom, a sure sign that we were about to get fucked) the listener is taken on an intimate journey. 

To now answer the question once and for evermore… There was or is no such person named Evon Jeffries (at least in The Family Stand). The name was an awful idea by Peter – It’s My Mission To Be Deep – Lord that combined (my) Peter’s mother’s name (proper spelling Yvonne) and Jeff’s name extended. A halo was placed over the ST in Stand to acknowledge the presence of Sandra SAINT Victor; the only good idea that lasted. The intention of our label at the time was for the album to be a “producers album” with various singers like the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis album that was never released. Jeff and I had considered this possibility at first but after working with a number of some of the best singers in New York at the time, we realized that the best and the only person who really got our material across was Sandra.

The album was critically acclaimed by our parents and went triple Vinyl.