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Covid-19 came through and wiped all concerts off the playing field. A necessary move, for safety purposes, but a hard hit for The Family Stand, and all other artists.

So what to do, what to do, in my Harlem AirBnB, during stay-at-home orders, not being able to get a flight home? Make a video, “Pray For Peace“. Do a couple of DJ sets. Why not?

The Family Stand, staying in the fray. “When we go high, if they go low, we gonna *uck them mutha *uckas up”. Time to VOTE. THEM. OUT.


It’s gonna be a beautiful night …

The Family Stand 2020 LIMITED CONCERTS

*POSTPONED – stay tuned for new dates

Peter Lord, V. Jeffrey Smith, and Sandra St. Victor present the “Full Moon In Scorpio” album set!

TFS perform their seminal album, “Moon In Scorpio” in its entirety for the first time.

Set will include other fan must-have cuts from additional TFS albums.

The Cutting Room New York City

City Winery Washington DC
*more dates to come

In a NY state of mind. The last couple of months, I’ve been burying myself all up into the live music scene of my beloved New York. Jumping on stages everywhere I can, and soaking up the bottomless well of talents, old and new, in this city that really never sleeps. I mean, really. No. Sleep. These are just some of the memories I’ve savored.

In a zone, at sound check. Shelley Nicole and Everett Harp chilling on the BGs, LaFrae bout to bang dem skins. – photo: Paul Lobo

Then this happened. Trying to hide in the corner, but MamaFunk RockStar, Nona Hendryx, was not having any of that. I love vibing with her on stage, anytime.
After the show, there are the shenanigans, always. Nona Hendryx had just ripped up the stage, as per the norm. Maritri, and The Soulfolk Experience were as magnetic and fabulous as usual. Then, yes, the shenanigans commence backstage.

You know what. Just dig up into what I been falling off up onto this fall. Here are a gazillion pictures. Have at it.

The Met photos are by Andrea Watts Photography. Others are selfies, or taken by friends.