Producer Mark Batson and I are working hard on making my next release especially personal, and sonically enthralling.

2020 will see Peter Jeff, and I back on the road for a mini tour in The EU, The UK, and of course, back home, in LA, ATL, Austin, ending up in our old stomping ground, in New York City.

My Music

This music is me. If you listen closely to the lyrics, the turn of a melodic phrase, you will know pretty much all there is to know about me. I may play around in person, a lot actually. But when it comes to the art, I allow SHE to show herself, warts, bags, secrets, and all.

These projects are the most honest representation of what makes me tick, and or ticked off, where ever tick tick boom is called for.

Mack Diva Saves The World

Mack Diva is a persona created by author/journalist, Greg Tate. I stole, er uhm, borrowed the name. It so perfectly fit the concept I had for this album, the images already conjured up in my dreams, then this name dropped out of the sky of Greg Tate’s brilliant mind. Mad love for that dude.

Fav cut, is “Don’t Bring Me Down”, because, yeah, don’t do that.

Gemini: Both Sides

This album was my first independent record. And let me tell you, independence is a bitch. But the bitch that she is, is exactly what was needed at that point in music business growth. It was released initially by me at my gigs, then by Ralph Tee at Expansion Records in The UK. My favorite cut on it is “Dizzy”. Dizzy was recorded in Jimi Hendrix’ studio, Electric Lady in Greenwich Village. The band played live, together, like in the olden days!

Produced by Ty Macklin, the musicians were, Mark Batson on keys, Artie Reynolds on bass, Donal Byrd on trumpet, V. Jeffrey Smith on sax, Questlove on drums, and Roy Ayers on vibes. I was suffering from a terrible allergy cold thing, so I laid my scratch vocal with plans to return and sing it proper. I was vetoed. They liked how I sounded. I still don’t!

Oya's Daughter

I wrote Oya’s Daughter in a log cabin in the middle of a dark dutch forest.
This project is basically an autobiography. Produced by globetrotting super talented pianist/DJ/mixmash banger, Mark de CLive-Lowe.
Fav cuts are “Stuff Momma Used To Say”, and “Presence”,
also, check out my two youngest daughters on BGs, of “Fate’s Laugh”.

Oya’s Daughter is available on iTunes


This song is gorgeous. The remixes, gorgeous. That is all. Listen and hear for yourself.

At My Spheres

The first project with Mark de Clive-Lowe was an experimental thing. Bringin hard gospel soulful vocals on top of dance fused jazzy bangers. I dig this one a lot. Fav cut is by far, “Cosmos”! Where you at Neal Degrasse Tyson?

At My Spheres – remixes

They came with some wicked remixes on this one. BOOM.

The Family Stand

Peter Lord, V. Jeffrey Smith and I…


Our first record. Insert heart emoji here.

We called ourselves Evon Geffries and The STand then. Later changed to The Family Stand, ‘çause I was tired of being called Evon.


Our first record as “The Family Stand”. Including “Ghetto Heaven”.

Without Frankie Crocker spinning this thing day in and day out in London, you might have never heard of us. Thank you Frankie!

Moon In Scorpio

This is my all time favorite TFS album. It seems to be a lot of folks fav. We found that mix that defines all of our tastes, blended into a bitter but sweet addictive dish, that can be served hot or cold. I don’t know what that means, but it feels right.


After I started my solo career, Pete and Jeff brought in Jacci Mcghee, who I simply adore. Her tone is smooth but crunchy, just the way we like ’em. She brought a different kind of fire to the table, and it worked.

Super Sol Nova

What is a Super Sol Nova? A musical explosion of hip hop, soul, rock, jazz, pop, dance, alternative, ethereal, star stuff exploding at the end of it’s previous life, trancending on to it’s next life, to begin the cycle all over again. It’s Volume One of the next journey. The Family Stand reborn letting loose it’s creative gases and sonic molecules so that it may form another and even more powerful creative life force to shine its vibrations throughout the universe.

In A 1.000 Years

I really do expect that the answer to The Family Stand posed on this album, “In a thousand years, will we still be funky,” to be a resounded yes. I plan on looking down from my perch, in between Jessye Norman, and Sugarfoot from The Ohio Players, bouncing and throwing our hands in the air, wavin like… ah you know the rest.

Remix of Ghetto Heaven

Ghetto Heaven has been covered and remixed by a lot of artists. So I decided to mess around with it myself, along with my Dutch homie, Greg Smith.


For Donovan. May you revel and grow in freedom, forever. Love, TFS.

Work for other artists, and soundtracks

Darryl Hall – Soul Alone

Prince – Emancipation

Curtis Mayfield – New World Order

Chaka Khan – Come To My House

Paula Abdul – Spellbound

Chaka Khan – Destiny

Paula Abdul – Crazy Cool

Boris – Holy Pleasures

Roy Ayers – Lots Of Love

The Temptations – Awesome

Aftershock – Slave To The Vibe

Seku Sundiatu – Long Story Short

Lalah Hathaway – Self Portrait

Marcus Machado – 29

Profyle – Whispers In The Dark

Electric Powered Soul

Featured on World On Fire and State of The Union.

Chaka Khan – The Woman I Am

Damien Nova – Voudou

Smokey Robinson – Love, Smokey

Trijntje Oosterhuis – Sundays In New York

Miki Howard – Love Confessions

Natalia – Shelter

Leona – Strut it!

Freedom WIlliams

Shrek – Like Wow

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate –

Steven Bernstein's MTO Plays Sly

Adventures In Babysitting –

Little Nikita

Gordon – I'll Be Your Voice

Few Options

Mark de Clive-Lowe produced track, “At My Spheres”was featured on this soundtrack.

I Am Better – Josh Milan ft. SSV

Single from Honeycomb Music Presents Vol. 1 by Josh Milan

The Lovely Dark

Featured over closing credits of Gabourey Sidibe’s directorial debut short film, “A Take Of Four”.

Suzanna – Silencio / In Silence

Bowe – Nomansland

Debby Gibson – Electric Youth

JD's Time Machine ft. SSV

d'Z – Connected

No Plan B – The Long Journey Continues To Continue