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Love fest for my sister, love-in for Mama Faybiene, concert for our beloved Faybiene Miranda at Celebrate Brooklyn, June 28th, featuring performers from Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy. Opening for reggae roots legend Luciano. Come out and get you some.

This PDF is a compilation of some of the reviews the new album, "Oya's Daughter" has received. You can click the links to read them in their entirety.




"MACK DIVA OF BLACK MUSIC" is not anything to be afraid of. ..." - Bob Davis, Soul Patrol

"A true peaceful musical warrior"

"She is a bold soul sister, a funk earth mama, a transformative genre-stretching mack diva of the first order. Sandra St. Victor, standing for art beyond, pure lyrical poetry, heart-beatin' honesty, forever soulful realness. Authentically, a true peaceful musical warrior." - David Nathan, founder, SoulMusic.com and former Billboard senior contributor.

"The best work of her career"

"She has an ability to move from Soul to Funk to Jazz to multicultural contexts and holds it all together with a spirit that can't be denied. I think her new album is the best work of her career and will be one of the most impressive releases of 2013." - Randall Grass, Shanachie Entertainment General Manager
"I Prefer" is an uplifting slice of soul. ... Sandra possesses one of the few truly unique voices in soul music" - Soulbounce
"St. Victor's Mack Diva Saves The World is a womanist missile of pure soul" - Kickmag.net

Available on iTunes.

Available on Amazon.com

or iTunes.

Echoes Magazine's 20 questions

"Oya's Daugher is musical proof"

"Oya's Daughter further solidifies Sandra St. Victor as a one of the most unique, exhilarating and free-spirited musical forces of her generation. Oya's Daugher is musical proof." - Shanachie Entertainment

"Soul, funk and jazz reinvigorated by an intelligent, oft times playful artist: 'Oya's Daughter' finds Sandra St Victor embracing the spirit of change alluded to in the album's title, yet staying right where we needed her to be." - Chris Wells, Echoes Magazine

"Sandra is one of the best vocalists and songwriters I know. I am honored to know her and call her my friend." - Chaka Khan